The Board of Directors at PCA has chosen to institute a school uniform for students. This decision was carefully considered and based on several principles.

First, Scripture teaches that Christians have an obligation to do things heartily and excellently as unto the Lord. We believe that this extends even to physical appearance. A school uniform encourages students to present themselves in a neat, orderly and excellent manner, as unto the Lord, not man.

Secondly, the uniform code helps create and maintain an orderly school environment. We encourage and expect students to demonstrate mutual respect, considering others better than themselves. We demonstrate respect to one another by dressing modestly and neatly, not drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves.

Finally, we dress in clothes that are fitting for the task at hand. The mission of PCA is to glorify God through the Christ-centered, classical training of children. Students in uniform focus more readily on their academic and spiritual training. Also, when uniforms are worn, students find ways to express themselves creatively through the arts, music, personality and academic achievement, rather than through clothing.

Overall, uniforms help PCA maintain a more distraction-free atmosphere, one in which outward appearance is de-emphasized and inner beauty and character are emphasized.

For PCA’s policy and ordering information, download PCA’s official uniform policy, lower school specifications, upper school specifications, and shoe examples. Please contact the school directly with any additional questions or clarifications regarding the uniform.

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