Tuition and Fees

In the past, PCA has assessed multiple separate fees for items such as facilities use and books. This was done in part to make prices at PCA easily comparable to other private schools in the area.

However, in keeping with our desire to seek things that are good, true and beautiful, we have now begun folding all school operation costs into a single tuition fee that can be paid either annually, bi-annually or on a monthly basis.

Please note that this new inclusive tuition amount does not include application fees for new students, enrollment fees, financial aid application fees, or incidental costs specific to individual students or classes (e.g. pizza lunch, school uniforms, school supplies, specific field trip costs, etc.). The inclusive tuition amount does include all prior book fees, equipment and facility fees and tuition.

If you have any questions regarding tuition, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone at 501-240-9080 or via email at

Application Fee for new applications:

K through 12: $95

Enrollment Fee:

Kindergarten: $185

Grades 1-12: $335

PCA University Model Tuition & Fees: 2018-2019 Rates
Kindergarten $3995
1st Grade $5605
2nd-4th Grades $6305
5th & 6th Grades $6455
7th-12th Grades $6995

Monthly and Semester Payment options are also available and will be posted in the near future.