Financial Aid

The Board of Directors at PCA understands that paying for a private school education can be financially challenging. We also believe that the benefits of a classical Christian education far exceed the cost.  PCA makes a conscious effort to keep our tuition not only competitive within the Little Rock area but actually below that of most of the nearby private schools. Still, the Board recognizes that some families have greater financial need than others and are still unable to afford the set tuition costs.

Although PCA has limited resources with which to provide tuition assistance, our goal is to serve as many students as possible with the resources God has given us. In this light, PCA has chosen to utilize a program known as FACTS, managed by Nelnet. FACTS is a third-party analysis program that provides a financial aid application designed to assess a family’s need. PCA’s Financial Aid Committee then utilizes the data provided by FACTS in order to make informed decisions regarding the offering of financial assistance to families.

In order to begin a financial aid application, you will need to have a RenWeb ParentsWeb account for our school.  For information concerning this, please contact us through this link.