Perhaps the best endorsement for classical Christian education comes from the families who are currently experiencing it. Read what some of Pinnacle Classical Academy’s families have to say about the school.

First Grade Parent:

“The small class size has been a perfect fit for our son, as he and the other students are able to receive the individual attention they need to learn in their own way. And it is wonderful to know that his teachers care not only about our son’s academic success, but also about his health, his character, and his spiritual growth. We are so thankful for this school!”

First & Third Grade Parent:

“PCA has been a godsend for our family. We were praying for a school that was academically rigorous and that saw itself as a partner to serve with us in the discipleship of our children. God answered our prayers with PCA!”

Second Grade Parent:

“It has been an incredible blessing to watch our daughter grow with a strong foundation of Christ at PCA. Her deep understanding of who God is and what He has done at an early age is equipping her for all the life ahead of her. She has asked us some very deep theological questions that have even caused us to pause and do some research before being able to respond with accuracy. The teachers show abounding love and grace as they teach the children. We praise the Lord for PCA every day.”

Twelfth Grade Parent:

“We were ecstatic when we heard a classical Christian school was coming to Little Rock. We were hooked and enrolled our child immediately. That was eight years ago and she will be one of the members of the first graduating glass in May of 2018. The things that we value at PCA are the excellent faculty, a unified curriculum, and a culture where building Christian character is essential. Pinnacle has provided what is missing in so many educational models: faculty who challenge the students to think rigourously about all of life with Christ as the fountain of all knowledge; 


a culture in which discipline, respect, and matters of the heart are not incidental to learning, but are central; and an appropriate emphasis on shaping lifelong learners. Students do not merely study numerous subjects isolated from one another with a Bible class or a Christian worldview class thrown in as icing on the cake. Rather, God is integrated into English, science, geography, Latin, math, phonetics, etc. That’s the cohesion/consistency from one course to another for which we are so grateful.”

Twelfth Grade Parent:

“PCA has been a tremendous blessing to our daughter, and to our family. The devoted adherence to biblical truth and rigourous academic program provides an exceptional learning environment for the student who has a hunger to explore, learn, and mature. The logic school teaches students to assess and reflect, and the rhetoric school teaches them to develop and express their own ideas. The small class size allows for closer relationships and more nurturing environments. The teachers are strongly committed to their students and to the Lord. I do not believe there is a better school in the central Arkansas area.”

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