What Can the Church Calendar Teach Modern Evangelicalism?

In an article titled, “Traditional Church Calendar 101,” Timothy Pauls of the Ambrose School in Moscow, ID, takes a few moments to remind us of one of the particular blessings of the rich Christian history in which we stand: The Traditional Church Calendar.  

Now, I had some personal misgivings about revisiting The Church Calendar, but the main point that Pauls’ makes shatters my reticence: the aim of these holy days is to teach the story of Jesus.  Pauls’ also notes that the Church Calendar’s unrelenting focus upon the Gospel and the examples of those who have gone before us serve as a blessed tool for us to fetter our wandering hearts and eyes upon Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-4).  I pray that you are encouraged by Pauls’ words, and that you may find The Traditional Church Calendar to be a useful tool for your personal pursuit of our Lord and also for your familial pursuit as well.

By His Grace,

Chad Muller