Program computers, educate children

As you are going about your busy summer, when you have a few moments of down time, consider spending them chewing on the thoughts that Eric Metaxas has for us about the way in which we are “fearfully and wonderfully” made in the image of our Creator.  Thank you as well to David Goodwin, president of the ACCS, for linking us to this article through The Classical Difference website – to which I would also avail you should you find a few more moments of “free time.”

As brevity is the soul of wit, and this post on our blog is meant to serve as a hook, I will leave you with the following thoughts from a fellow laborer in Classical Christian education regarding the Metaxas article:

Classical Christian educators know that the human soul needs nourishing and nurturing toward virtue and Christ’s truth, not training like a computer.  This breakpoint makes the point well.  While teaching data, information, and skills to children in school may seem like it accomplishes something, in reality it dehumanizes them.  Classical education begins with a knowledge of who children are so that we can rightly educate them.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

Chad Muller


Pinnacle Classical Academy