Points of Excellence

Christmas and Spring Recitations are an integral part of our school calendar here at PCA, and I would like to take a moment of your time to talk about why.

Another brother in the classical Christian education movement has called events like these “Points of Excellence.” He sees these as a way to help others understand classical Christian education through beauty and excellence that make a lasting impression. Indeed, as beauty is visible to all, even those who are not familiar with classical Christian education, “Points of Excellence” serve as a great way in which we can show forth our school for God’s glory.

One of the things that I am insistent upon with the students concerning recitations is that they are primarily for God’s glory. To put it another way, we put together recitations twice a year as points that show forth God’s excellence: the excellence of His greatness through all of creation. Truly, we can only memorize, recite, dramatize, and declare the things that we have learned because of His sustaining might every step of the way, and so our showcasing of classical Christian education is not for the expansion of Pinnacle Classical Academy. Instead, we are always and only putting together “Points of Excellence” for the expansion of God’s kingdom through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray that your hearts may be encouraged to know that our partnership in education is always – from individual classes to school-wide presentations – aiming for His kingdom to come and His will to be done in our lives and the lives of all of those around us.

May it be so, Lord!
Excelsior ad Dei Gloriam!