God is Front and Center

This week I got to be a fly on the wall at PCA; a fly with a camera that is. It was fun to roam room to room and watch all the kids try to ignore me as I took pictures for the blog. It was even more fun to find some of the great books and curriculum they’re going to get to read through this year. And there’s nothing like the songs and motions and sweet faces of the Kindergarten class. But my favorite thing that I found was in Mr. Izard’s room. He is the headmaster and teacher of the upper grades. His desk was neatly stacked with Latin curriculum, a logic textbook, grammar books, and many other things you would expect to see on a teacher’s desk. But front and center, in the middle, obviously there from recent use, was his Bible. It was a wonderful thing to see! It represents what I know to be true of PCA. Great curriculum, orderly function, and above all else, God is front and center in everything.