First Day of School

Today was the first day of school at PCA. The returning students fell right into place, the girls beaming to be back together, the boys smiling and laughing like they never skipped a beat. The new students probably felt a little nervous, perhaps apprehensive or shy. But the smile pictured above, taken of a little girl who just entered Kindergarten, tells a thousand tales of how she felt today. It’s the shy smile that says, “I’m new here, but this is so cool.” I know because it is the same smile I saw on my daughter’s face when she entered Kindergarten at PCA two years ago. She left the house a little girl who rarely spoke to other children and came home raving about the time she had at school and her new best friends. You would have thought she was taken to an amusement park, but it was just school. Just a really great school. It’s the same smile I saw on my son’s face today as he left to become an Owl in Mrs. Reed’s Kindergarten class. He came home and shared with great pride and confidence how he was in charge of changing the calendar this week. As if someone had bestowed a position of great honor upon him at this new place called school. One of the great things about PCA is that even the shy or timid child feels right at home from the first day, and it doesn’t take long to sense what a fun place it is to be. And like a new pair of shoes that feel better after being broken in, being at PCA just keeps getting better.