The Fair Market Value of a Classical Christian Education

What is the fair market value of a Classical Christian Education? An alumnus from our sister classical school, Westminster Academy, in Memphis, TN Рwhose goals are parallel to ours Рwrote his thoughts about this question in a recent issue of The Classical Difference magazine which I would greatly encourage you to set aside a few moments to read.
One important question to be asked in determining the “fair market value” for our product would be this: by what standard is that value being measured? To answer this question, we need a seemingly unrelated starting point. As a school, we are aiming for two things. First, we are seeking to glorify God through the Christ-centered, classical training of children. Second, we are aiming to graduate students instilled with a lifelong love of learning equipped for service in love to God and man. These are kingdom focused aims which are not always able to be seen by typical methods of evaluating the fair market value of our product. But, I believe that these aims are the things for which we ought to be seeking – in fulfilling our God given mandate (Ephesians 6:4) -; and as such, it is a blessing to see an alumnus of the Classical Christian model who has taken the time to discuss his thoughts on how his own life has been set on a particular trajectory since his graduation from high school.